With 2 Decades of expertise in the area of Co-Operative Sector, We understand all the core needs of Co-Operative Societies. Having served 1000+ clients which includes Credit, Employee & Consumer Societies. A Journey from an era of DOS platform to a truly Windows & Cloud platform. Enabling users to configure transactions and processes flexibly in order to adapt to a dynamic environment with a higher security data structure. Providing a 360-degree single dashboard, that makes these Societies run more smoothly than paperwork.
  •   Suitable For Small Sector Corporates & Firms.
  •  Passbook Automization.
  •  Case Scrol.
  •  User Policy Setup.
  •  SMS Notification.
  •  Photos & Sinature Verification.
  •  Ready Audit Reports.
  •  Online Reports/voucher Prints.
  •  Computerized Cerficates.
  •  Accounting Reports.
coop hr
COOP HR was well planned and designed to meet the MSME sector, to manage employees, generate comprehensive and quality information to enable users to get accurate reporting and analysis of their manpower costing.
  •  Employee Management.
  •  Advances & Compensations
  •  Aendance & Leave Management
  •  Time Management
  •  Travel & Incentives
  •  Payroll (Monthly, Daily, Hourly, OT)
  •  Reports related to (TDS, ESIC, Proffesional Tax etc).
  •  And Many More...
coop business
COOP for Business
COOP Business is developed based on the ongoing feedback received from top-level management to end-users, taking into consideration to meet all their requirements to overcome the shortcomings of existing business management software. With enhanced security features, COOP Business provides a very user-friendly interface to run a business more efficiently and effectively.
  •  Easy & Simple to use.
  •  Billing
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Production
  •  Accounting
  •  Ready GST Reports
  •  User Rights for user level
  •  SMS & Email Nofications
  •  Cost Centre Concept